TUV Rheinland Mobility is available to provide customized and cost-effective training tailored to suit a client’s particular needs. We have provided training to over 1000 employees world-wide. Our team brings decades of experience to our classroom and field training. Courses can be taught at one of our offices or on-site.

On-Site Training

Our knowledge base encompasses FRA Regulations, AAR & AREMA Rules, GCOR and NORAC, and beyond. Some of our training services include:

Track and Engineering Issues

  • Elements and Basics of the Track Structure
  • Rail Wear and Effect on Rollover Potential
  • Switches and Turnouts
  • FRA 213 Track Inspection
  • Track/Engineering Measurements

Derailment Investigation & Prevention

  • What is a Derailment?
  • Philosophy and Coordination of Derailment Cause Finding
  • Why Wheels Derail
  • Derailment Myths and Misconceptions
  • Crew Interview
  • Event Recorder Data Analysis
  • Investigation Techniques: Finding the POD, Understanding Rail Marks, Finding First Wheel to Derail

Train Handling Seminars for Engineers, Trainees, & Supervisors

  • Track/Train Dynamic Issues (Train Forces)
  • Longitudinal Coupler Forces
  • Excessive Draft Force, Stringlining
  • Excessive Buff Force, Jackknifing
  • Train Resistance
  • Tractive and Dynamic Braking Effort
  • Train Air Brake

Mechanical Issues

  • The Anatomy of the Three Piece Truck
  • Curving Mechanics and the Warped Truck
  • Equipment Inspection and Car/Mechanical Measurements
  • Wheel Issues: Flange Angle, Thin/Vertical Flange, Tread Wear, Hollow Worn
  • Example for Training Material:

Training Material1

On-Site Safety & Operating Rules

  • Safety at Site
  • Train Make-Up and Car Placement

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