Rail Safety & Security Assessment

Safety and security assessments for signaling and train control systems is a core service. Our team has conducted numerous assessments for railroads, transits and federal agencies over the past 20 years and our experience and expertise has made TUV Rheinland Mobility one of the leading rail safety consultants in the United States.

Our experts are highly knowledgeable about all required regulations and guidelines for safety and security assessments in North America:

U.S. Federal Regulations and Guidelines

  • Federal Railroad Administration (e.g., 49 CFR Part 236) [Commuter / Freight Lines]
  • Federal Transit Administration (e.g., Hazard Analysis Guidelines) [Mass Transit]

Standards and Best Practices Applied Across Rail Industry

  • MIL STD (e.g., MIL STD 882), IEEE (e.g., IEEE 1483)
  • AREMA Manual of Recommend Practices

ISA Requirements of Self Certifying Rail Transit Agencies (e.g., NYCT)

  • Assess Vendor Applied Safety Design Standards (N.A. or International


With the support of a global network, TUV Rheinland also maintains a strong foothold in the European Market, where independent safety assessment is based on CENELEC Standards and the following requirements apply:

  • Safety Case(s) structured as per EN 50129
  • Application of Life Cycle / V- Model as per EN 5012x
  • Methods of Quality Management as per ISO 9001


No matter if national or international support, TUV Rheinland will handle every project with care and expertise. To ensure equal quality for every client, we use the standardized assessment process below: