Incident/Data Submission

The Observing Railroad must make a determination about any defect, failure or incident that occurs. Once a defect, failure, or incident occurs, the initial determination by the Observing Railroad will be: “Is this defect, failure, or incident safety-relevant and therefore reportable to RailRisk?”

If the defect, failure, or incident is not safety-relevant, then the normal railroad process for resolution can be followed and no interaction with the RailRisk Safety Staff is necessary.

If the defect, failure, or incident is safety-relevant, then the RailRisk Safety Staff is notified via the submission of a RailRisk Incident Reporting Form.

* Note: As the process matures, it is expected that submission and query of the toolset by specific members of the RailRisk Users Group will be available.

Submission of Incidents: here

Submission of Operating Hours: here

This information will be use by RailRisk Safety Staff to calculate the frequency of occurrence of the Safety-Relevant Defect, Failure, or Incident.