RailRisk™ Incident Reporting System


The RailRiskTM Incident Reporting System has been tailored to the special needs of Railroads and the Federal Railway Administration. Below, you can see a high-level overview of our submission process:


The submission process is easy and the team at Rail Safety Consulting is ready to help clients through the entire process.

Overview of Information Flow


RailRisk Capabilities

RailRiskTM – Incident Reporting System Capabilities:

  • Provides mechanism to capture information associated with a safety-relevant defect, failure or incident encountered on a PTC system.
  • Supports evaluation of the safety-relevant defect, failure and incident to help reduce risk and track resolution status.
  • Supports review and update of common hazards as previously identified in relevant hazards analyses. This can accommodate updates to/from Wabtec and vendor-neutral hazard analyses
  • Supports determination of the frequency of a safety-relevant defect, failure or incident and if it exceeds the threshold set forth in the railroad-specific PTCSP

Due to all of the mentioned facts above the Federal Railway Administration endorses RailRiskTM Incident Reporting System as the solution for tracking hazardous failures of PTC systems.

Fee Structure

$ 5,000 – Initial Set-Up $ 20,000 / Year – Annual Fee
Creating RR database

Establishing point of contract & user name/password

Users Guide

Initial Training

24/7 access to incident submission

Analysis of incident rout cause

HazardLog Review

Frequency of Occurrence

Facilitate with discussions vendor/FRA