RailRisk™ Data Protection

Data Protection

Rest assured your data is protected!
RailRisk is a secure tool capable of housing client hazard submissions, operating hours and more. Rail Safety Consulting is committed to keeping client’s sensitive data safe.

Access to the RailRiskTM Database, is protected and a number of measures are in place to maintain data security, including:

  • Credentialed via Log-In Name + Password;
  • Secured via Microsoft Active Directory Permissions;
  • Backed Up via Daily, Corporate-Level, Automatic Back-Ups;
  • Segmented via Railroad-Centric Log-In Name + Password Provides Access to ONLY the Entries Specific to User’s RR.
  • Filemaker Pro Server is behind two levels of corporate firewall and hosted by Terramark (Verizon) at TÜV Miami Data Center.
  • Directory permissions are controlled at the corporate IT administrator level.
  • Physical access is limited to corporate IT administrator level.

Back-Up access and development access to RailRiskTM Database is available only to Select Rail Safety Consulting staff, operating out of the Pittsford, NY Office.

  • RailRiskTM Safety Staff;
  • Entry of Hazard Submissions;
  • Update of Data
  • Development of Reports
  • Development of new/improved functionality (filemaker Pro)