EMC & Environmental Testing

Along with its core service, safety assessments, TUV Rheinland can provide its customer with thorough support in the field of EMC and environmental testing. We can do both certification testing and certification review.

Certification Testing
Our highly competent and accredited test labs are located in Raleigh, NC and Rochester, NY. We also utilize a 3rd lab in Detriot, MI through our partner, Element Material Technology.

TUV Rheinland can provide environmental certification testing for all mandatory CENELEC rail standards, including but not limited to:

  • EN 50155;
  • EN 50121;
  • EN 50125;
  • EN 61000

Additional CENELEC rail standards and non-CENELEC standards can be tested upon request.

Because we know that time is an important currency, we prepared this general testing schedule below for your information:


During the whole Certification Testing Process we continuously communicate with our customer, ensuring that all concerns and “open points” get addressed and solved. High Transparency is a core value!

Once a customer asks for a certificate we begin the Certification Review Process. The certificate demonstrates the successful completion of the testing, and includes a summary of the details of the certification, the name of the certifying body, and the length of time for which the certification is valid.