Operational Assessment

Rail Sciences offers on-site audits to assess the safety, personnel allocation, asset utilization, and cost-effectiveness of rail-system operations. Wholly independent, we are 100% unbiased and thereby able to guarantee the best possible quality for our clients. We foster the most effective strategies to assess operations, recommend areas for improvement, support remediation implementation, and ensure compliance with applicable standards and accepted industry practices.

Our Rail Sciences Operational Assessment Team, with over 50 years of experience in railroad oversight, is committed to practical improvement plans that most efficiently allocate resources towards assisting our clients realize their visions. Our industry-trusted services are reputably efficient and innovative. With Rail Sciences’ unique insight into rail operations, we develop plans that are client-compatible and client-specific. Consistent communication and coordination will ensure our performance is aligned with client priorities.

Rail Sciences offers a large breadth of professionals, subject-matter experts, and technical analysts who are available to evaluate operational, track, mechanical, safety, and planning activities. Their experience includes FRA Regulations, AAR & AREMA Rules, and GCOR and NORAC operating rules. Additional areas of support are noted below:

  • Derailment Risk Assessments for New and Redesigned Track Construction
  • Rail Safety and Staff Training
  • Locomotive Engineer Oversight
  • Rules and Procedures
  • Maintenance Practices Assessment
  • Track, Signal and Rolling Stock Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair Practices
  • Process Evaluation and Improvement
  • Cost/Benefit Studies
  • Industry Best Practices Expertise & Guidance
  • Assets and Systems Condition Assessments
  • Reporting and Compliance Process Enhancements
  • Quality and Safety Program Development and Management
  • Shop and Yard Safety
  • Operations/Efficiency/Performance Analyses
  • Management Oversight
  • Reviewing and Auditing Internal Procedures

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