Rail Sciences Services

TÜV Rheinland Rail Sciences provides consulting, testing, approval and certification services for both domestic and global markets. Its experts cover the following modes:

  • Conventional Freight Rail
  • Heavy Haul
  • Passenger Intercity Rail
  • Commuter Rail
  • Light Rail
  • Metro & Subway
  • Automated People Mover
  • Monorail
  • Intermodal

Rail Sciences capabilities are highly developed and specialized for today’s customer needs. Our engineers are proficient in various train and vehicle simulation platforms including VAMPIRE, Quasi-static Lateral Stability Model (QLTS), TOS, and the proprietary TTP model for over-the-road simulations. Additionally Rail Science experts have access to TÜV Rheinland’s North American network of EMC laboratories. They can provide lab and field testing of railroad components and systems to national and global standards.

A high focus of Rail Sciences is Derailment and Accident Investigation Analysis. Derailments are costly, cause service disruptions and create customer dissatisfaction. The single most important way to prevent derailments is to accurately identify derailment cause(s). Rail Sciences can provide an independent in-depth analysis to determine primary and secondary root causes. Rail Sciences is the industry leader specializing in Derailment Investigation!

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