Rail Safety Consulting contains the largest body of recognized experts in the field of rail transportation safety in North America, numbering more than 30 skilled safety engineers.

This same group of experts has been working together to help assure the safety of rail transportation since 1993 (when a predecessor firm, Rail Safety Engineering, was formed). The company is independent from any supplier, government agency, or any other business entity, and can provide fully unbiased analysis and reporting on safety topics for any client.  We have extensive experience with protecting client’s proprietary information and IP.

Each team member has technical design, analysis, and project management experience and skills. At RSC, teamwork is a priority, and our team works together to make sure every project is successfully executed.

RSC has various locations throughout North America and can leverage from additional offices of the TUV Rheinland group if this is beneficial for our customer.

Office Location in the USA

RSC team members divided by location can be found here