Rail Safety Consulting knows that nothing shows expertise better than providing real-world examples of our applied know-how. So see for yourself:

Independent Safety Assessor for New York City Transit (NYCT)

NYCTRail Safety Consulting and New York City Transit share a long project history. Ever since RSC started working for NCYT as an Independent Safety Assessor in 1999, both companies stay in an ongoing contractual relationship. Just recently RSC started conducting ISA Services for NYCT’s Third Supplier of CBTC Equipment Interoperability.

In the following the high-level scope of these services can be found:

  • Standards Compliance Reporting
  • Safety audits, Independent Assessment of Hazard Analyses for compliance with any applicable NYCT System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) and/or industry standards
  • Independent Subsystem/System Review

The project objectives are to demonstrate system safety with interoperable CBTC equipment that is appropriate for high volume passenger transit operations and meet NYCT’s internal requirements for design safety, safe installation and testing, and operating safety. An additional critical objective is to meet Federal Railroad Administration Subpart H rules applicable to processor-based systems as specified by NYCT, and provide the necessary documentation suitable for NYCT to convene the System Safety Certification Board (SSCB) to provide certification of the CBTC System.

Safety and Security Audit Programs for New Jersey Transit

NJ Transit

Over the time period of 4 month time period the independent RSC project team conducted an on-site rail operations safety examination of the New Jersey Transit Operation.

The main tasks for this projects are listed below:

  • Conducting audit, evaluations and reviews in the field locations and in shops/yards/stations
  • Survey staff and generate report on evaluations
  • Planning and scheduling with Authority

The main objectives of this project included conducting a Field Operations Review and delivering a report relating to the FRA ‘Deep Dive’ of Metro North by a specified deadline. Beyond this RSC provided NJ Transit with recommendations for improvements to the NJ Transit operation.

Positive Train Control (PTC) Development for METROLINK/SCRRA


Southern California Regional Rail Authority’s (SCRRA) implementation a of Positive Train Control (PTC) system on its Metrolink rail system is a multi-year project scheduled for in-service operation by the end of 2013. This system satisfies the PTC mandate (FRA Part 236i) and is under FRA jurisdiction.  This project was to provide safety program services to SCRRA in support of their PTC system deployment.

RSC was developing the PTC Safety Plan to meet the FRA requirements and achieve system certification. Further, RSC developed safety related documentation and hazard analysis activities in support of the PTCSP.

Specific project elements include: management of safety related materials and submission to the FRA, development and management of the PTC Safety Plan and its supporting materials, Hazard Analysis activites of the PTC system as implemented, support of all FRA submission and PTC certification support. RSC also developed a process for human factors analysis of in-cab human interfaces.