Rail Safety Consulting Services

Rail Safety Consulting (RSC) is an unbiased, credible source for answers to railway safety questions. RSC is dedicated to the safety of rail transportation systems and our team can handle projects of all sizes, from a single analysis to management of a complete safety program for a large and complex system. Our services are listed below.

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 Main Service Capabilities of the RSC-Team

1. System Safety Programs for:

  • PTC and CBTC systems, including all required FRA
  • Certification documents.
  • New rail signaling products, including FRA subpart H qualification.
  • Interfaces between electronic and traditional signal equipment.

2. Safety Analysis of:

  • New train control products to meet US or International standards.
  • System compliance with FRA, AREMA, or CENELEC/IEC train control standards.
  • Complete operations, including human error protection, rules and procedures, maintenance.

3. Safety Assessment and review of:

  • Existing safety cases vs. customer contract requirements.
  • Proposed Safety Cases vs. regulations and standards.
  • Products being considered for safety-critical or vital application.

4. Reliability and availability TASKS:

  • Develop system RAM programs and plans.
  • Design/perform product reliability analysis per MIL-HDBK-217 or other standards.
  • Perform system availability analysis, considering safety-critical design techniques.
  • Provide guidance for improving reliability and availability in safety-critical systems.

5. Field and Laboratory Testing

  • Rail Train Control System and Subsystem testing.
  • EMC/EMI testing in field or laboratory.
  • Testing of complex industrial systems in involving safety functions.

6. Special Safety Services:

  • Establish safety requirements for products or systems used in unique applications.
  • Develop safety design, architecture, and development processes for suppliers.
  • Guide transit systems in establishing safety rules and procedures for train control.
  • Develop configuration management and design process standards for clients.
  • Perform on-site safety assessments and develop processes and standards for rail-related functions.
  • Track and analyze hazards via our RailRisk™ PTC Hazard Reporting Toolset (For more information, click here